Monday, November 15, 2010

Using Social Media for Brand tracking

As a modern social media aware business or a person you need to monitor your reputation, check on trends and analyze media mentions for your company, brands, or clients. The whole task to keep up with your brand and how it’s seen online is a full time job.  

You need to find people who are close to your brand, that have the same interests, and are potential customers for you. There are several tools available that alert you whenever your brand, product or name is mentioned, and you can also use those to track competitors. Follow-, reply-, and DM filters are useful tools to analyze twitter messages. Keywords and phrases search can be used to find potential customers and analyze your brands online visibility. For Twitter user some tracking services provide useful management features like tweet scheduling, follow/unfollow tools, and weekly email summaries.

There are various kinds of great tracking services online with different set of tools and price tag. You should just start testing and find out a right set of tools for your personal needs.
For Twitter brand tracking I'm currently using TwitJump and for all around social media tracking PostRankRadian 6, and Social Mention. There are lots of other great tools like:

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