Monday, November 15, 2010

Protecting your brand online

Protecting your business brand or personal identity is becoming really important for users and modern corporations. Increasing amount of brand related discussion and activity is happening inside social media networks and online communities. 

Entry level brand protection usually means that businesses have reserved domain names for key brands. This is really a must and should also be maintained actively because new domains and domain names come available. Domain name protection will also become more important in future for celebrities and even regular individuals. The best starting point for checking out the free domain names database.  

Advanced social brand and identity protection requires that you create a social media strategy and define what the important social networks are for you. There are hundreds of different social networks online and you should register and reserve your brand as username.

Image by webtreats

Cool services like knowem and Namechk can help you to find out what desired username are still available with all those different social media networks. 

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