Sunday, November 14, 2010

Location Based Services or Geo Location based applications

Location Based Services (#LBS) - or Geo Location based applications if you like are a really cool future social media trend that is already happening today. Using the new smartphones users can check in venues like e.g. Coffee Shops and at the same time promote these brands. Usually LBS services also offer businesses a chance to list location while bundling it with a special offers.
Checking in with your friends and to special venues in Foursquare provide you glory in form of badges. You can also leave tips about places you visit - "Try the Bater Chicken, it's so good!"
There are also LBS services like Whrrl that are more than just checking in. They appear to be more like online games in real world including recommendations and referrals and even real world activation for businesses and corporate partners. If you start discovering different LBS services you might like the nice feature in Gowalla that you can save photos and associate them with places you’ve been. Glympse offers also a new approach to LBS by offering a automatic location tracking you can control. 

The big social networks like Twitter and Facebook currently also provide a possibility to users to add location to status updates and more. As LBS newcomer Facebook has really been pushing to support this feature and has organized LBS campaigns. Other cool Location Based Services you might want to try are Loopt,SCVNGRYelpRallyUp and Plyce

If you like these LBS services come and connect with me. You can catch me up usually in Foursquare or in Gowalla.

And by the way, a warning!  Location Based Services are hugely addictive!

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