Sunday, November 21, 2010

Manage your online identity and personal brand

Living online is like being in public all the time. What ever you do can come back and haunt you even after a long period of time. What ever you write or do by yourself is up to you, but what about if someone is doing it for you or against you? There is always danger that your content, brand, and your identity could be used by someone else.

Online identity management and personal branding tools and techniques can help you to fight against online identity theft. There are several services and companies that help you to monitor, track, analyze, and build online reputations.

Social media brand protection

Social media branding online is important for everyone because in fast online world your online brand defines what people are going to associate you with. Building a strong personal online brand requires you to register your name from at least most popular social media networks. Claiming your name and other high value brand keywords also helps you to own and control your presence online and eliminate brandjacking. It is advisable to concentrate your activity on 2 - 6 key networks and just claim your name from the rest. Services line KnowEm and will help you through this process.

Online social media personal profile management

Now you have started the process of claiming the important social media network names. After a while you will notice that it's getting difficult to manage your overall online profile that is a collection of several social media network identities. For active social media person there is great need for general profile management solution that will help you to expand your online presence and boost your personal brand. If you are not yet using the profile management tools - now it is right time to start. There are various different services around like: kgbpeople, dandyid, and KnowEm. Using Kgbpeople people can search different profiles and monitor their profile on the Web, set alerts, and manage their reputation while online.

Online identity management

One last aspect of managing your personal online Me is to claim your online identity and think that through what online identity providers you will authenticate yourself to various online services. This is already possible and the big social media networks are currently important online identity providers e.g. Facebook makes it possible to log in number of other services. So claim your identity at least from Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft Live. I would also suggest you to register an OpenID identity from one of the OpenID identity providers like: Google, or myspace.


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