Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social Shopping - Apps for Consumer Feedback

We all have a passion for brands - we love some brands and we are not so excited about some. Riding this idea appears Socialsmack - a fun social media network for anyone to participate in conversations about their brand experiences while earning activity points, badges and gathering status in a social-shopping-game setup. So in a way Socialsmack is partly information network, partly consumer reviews website and also a social game.

The gaming idea with badges is quite similar than found in Foursquare and it can be quite addictive. It seems that more and more people are willing to share information about what they and how they are shopping and also participate in conversations about their brand experiences. This is a interesting and important social media trend that should be followed closely by businesses and corporations.

Socialsmack is not alone there are other similar social media services like Yelp,GetGlueMyLikesMyBrandz, and Hollrr

Cool social review service that also provides location based features with barcode-scanning is Stickybits. Stickybits service provides each product or brand dedicated product wall where users add comments, photos, and videos.

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