Sunday, November 14, 2010

Social Media for Sports Activity

For sports fans there are cool Social Media Networks to keep track on your sports activities and connect your sporting friends and like minded strangers. My first experience with sports tracking sites was the old Nokia Sports Tracker when it was in it's early days. There are basically 2 types of sports social media networks: basic status update types and then more feature rich GPS integrated ones. For my sporting needs I'm using the easy and cool HeiaHeia- network connected with Facebook. The Sports-Tracker might be the most versatile sports social media service - there are so many things you can do with it. With RunKeeper you have nice option to connect it with Foursquare and do challenger and earn Foursquare Badges. You might also like to test CardioTrainer and Gps-Sport. All of them offer the possibility to connect with other sports loving persons. Suunto has also nice sports Suunto activity website that provides social media elements.

For all Golf nuts over there you really should test the GameBook score tracking device. GameBook is a easy to use real-time event scoring system which positions players at the very centre of the golfing action. With GameBook device there is also a GameBook Clubhouse - a Golf activity service that offers tools for event management and features for connecting with other players.

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